Saturday, November 13, 2010

About this blog

To blog or not to blog? This is the question that has been going through my mind for ages now! With so much great content already out there, I wondered if I should even bother. But, as you can see, Ive decided to blog! I will be writing what you need to know about cloth diapering and other natural parenting tips that I have learned along the way.

I have been cloth diapering now for nearly 5 years and it has been a wonderful journey that introduced me to all kinds of other natural parenting treasures. Just 5 years back I had no children and had no idea cloth diapering had been modernized. I thought no way would I breast feed and baby wearing, well lets just say I thought that was when you put your baby under your jacket on a cold night. :)

Ive come FAR since those days and you can often find me rambling on to a stranger at the store about the the benefits of natural parenting. Be it cloth diapering, breast feeding or baby-wearing, I cant help but share. After all, I once found my self in a place of not knowing. I'm so glad to have had wonderful women to share with me the joys of natural parenting. These are the things I hope to give back.

I am Crystal. A wife, friend and mother to 3 beautiful children. I am the inventor and owner of Tushie Ties Cloth Diapers.

I look forward to where this blog will take us.

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